Someday I’m Going to be Arrested

I was just walking down the hall at work with a knife in my hand that I had used to cut a donut (yes, I eat donuts sometimes) and there was a student standing next to my co-worker’s desk and I got the sudden urge to poke him in the rear with my knife. Why? Because this is something I would do to Josh, my friends, my sisters, or my mom in a situation such as this. Well, luckily I caught myself in time and did not follow through with this random urge. Because, really, how would I talk myself out of that one in the hall of a Baptist seminary?

A couple weeks ago, I picked a girl up from church to take her out to coffee, when she greeted me and went in to hug me, there was a half a second of awkwardness because I thought she was going to kiss me on the lips. After hugging me, she immediately turned to her mom to say goodbye and kissed her on the lips.

I sometimes fear this myself. I’m so used to giving Josh a hug, followed by a kiss, that what if I do this some day to some poor, unfortunate stranger?

And oftentimes, throughout my life, when I’m at church or some important ceremony, I always wonder, “What if I just ran up on stage right now and started singing or dancing like a freak?” Really. What would people do? It’s really entertaining to think about….yet scary, b/c what if you’re sitting there thinking about it and before you know it, you’re running up the steps and there’s no turning back? Do you still follow through with your disruption even though you’re now in your right mind or do you just turn around and sprint back to your seat and hope that no one saw you?

I’m sharing this random thought b/c I know that I only ever post when Josh and I have done something that involves pictures. And life doesn’t always involve pictures. Sometimes it just involves deep thoughts like the ones I’ve just shared.


7 thoughts on “Someday I’m Going to be Arrested

  1. HA! I love how random you are. I can just see you poking that poor student with the knife…you know what’s funny though, I have pictured myself running up on the stage at church as well. I don’t know what I’d do I’ve just thought “wouldn’t that be funny if I ran up there right now?” Maybe we could do it together next we’re at the same church at the same time:) This reminds me of the time in college when I walked into a store with my then boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend who I didn’t really know at all. He put his arm around me when we walked into the store thinking I was his girlfriend. It was a natural thing for him to do and very awkward for me. At least he didn’t grab my butt or something:)

  2. oh my gosh! i’ve had the same kind of fears/thoughts! i used to have a recurring fear that i would have a sudden attack of turrets (sp?)syndrome and start cussing in the middle of a sermon! i would sit there in the old auditorium in those brown striped chairs, with my big bucked teeth and aqua netted bangs, wondering what alan or stu or whoever (and DAD!) would do if that happened! it was terrifying! glad it never happened… :)ses

  3. Um. I feel like you have some pinned up energy or emotions. Maybe we should go for a jog. haha. you are too funny.

  4. You are TOO funny! I think we would all have to admit it’s happened to each of us in some form (even if we didn’t have “big bucked teeth”).LoveMom

  5. i can totally relate to your random urges. and i can relate to that weird feeling of being so in the habbit of something you do with one person. like just the other day at work i was at the fax machine and this girl, a good friend, came up and kind of spanked me on the butt. and for an instant i felt like it was my husband and it didn’t weird me out. it was sooooo strange. 🙂

  6. i am SO glad to hear that i am not the only one with random strange urgers that are TOTALLY warranting an inevitable arrest. 😉 yay for awkward impulses. good luck with self-discipline and discretion. lol!

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