Last night, amidst homework and laundry, we watched “Lars and the Real Girl”.

Since this movie came out in theaters, Josh and I have been wanting to see it. We don’t really know why…maybe because it looked funny and simple and clean and not violent and not depressing like so many of the movies these days are. It was pretty good. It definitely should have won most original screenplay. Have you ever seen another movie where the main character legitimately thinks he is dating a blow-up doll?

Anyway, we liked it. It was a feel-good movie that I would recommend. It was also a very non-glamorous movie. Ordinary people completely content and happy with their small-town lives. That was a nice change. They didn’t have Brad Pitt and Scarlet Johansen type characters running around with their Sevens Jeans on, perfect makeup, and beautiful hair, trying to play the part of small-town country kids.


5 thoughts on “Lars

  1. haha. that is too funny. i have never even heard of it. you kind of look like the girl that is on the couch.

  2. That’s so funny, I thought that was you and Josh on the couch! It looked like you guys for a split second, sounds like a good movie.

  3. you made me want to watch it….and you made me want to go to Santa Cruz….maybe I should stop reading your blogps-not everyone can have a blog as cute as mine

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