Dancing Queen, Young and Sweet, Only Seventeen

Back in our day, we used to party like rockstars. Now that we’re an old married couple who have the gift that keeps on giving of being youth leaders, we get to watch 13-18 year olds party like rockstars. If you ever want to feel really old (when you’re not) just go hang out with high schoolers. And if you still don’t feel old, don’t worry, they’ll tell you. I just had one of my girls the other night try to explain that “your generation” is more old-fashioned than “our generation”!!

Anyway, last Friday night was one of those opportunities when we took our kids cosmic/astro bowling. Put those hormones under black lights and strobe lights, give them some music and you have constant entertainment for 3 hours.

I couldn’t help but laugh (in secret) when I saw three of my girls doing a choreographed dance over on the side of the ally. Two of them had regular expressions, while the other was serious and dramatic, like she was trying out for a music video. It’s stuff like this that makes me enjoy being a youth leader because I know that at one point, I was 100% like them. Josh and I find ourselves saying, “We didn’t act that way when we were that age, did we?” Yes, we did.


3 thoughts on “Dancing Queen, Young and Sweet, Only Seventeen

  1. That is HILARIOUS! And yes, you did act like that!! This post makes me think of Dunes last year..I sat in the back, a few months pregnant watching these kids bounce around during worship and it made me tired sitting there watching them! I felt soooo old. Oh to have that energy again. Why do we have so much energy when we are young and don’t need it and then when we are older and in desperate need of a little extra energy we can’t get it?!

  2. Ah cosmic bowling, the quintessential high school youth group experience. I vividly remember doing that in Utah when we all drank jamba juice and thought it was the coolest thing ever. It is depressing to think that was almost 10 years ago. We are old.

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