A Good Weekend

We had a great weekend. But our camera’s battery was sadly dead, so, any pictures you see have been smuggled.

On Friday night, Josh and I went out to coffee and then went and saw Baby Mama. It was so much fun, we like going on dates.

On Saturday, I went to a bridal shower for Josh’s store manager (and my friend) at a place called Lovejoy’s tearoom in the city. Oh my gosh! I wish I had known about this place when friends and family came and visited. It had so much character and was just a perfect teahouse. Anyway, the shower was lots of fun and I got to hang out with a whole new group of girls I didn’t know.

On Sunday, we chose to hang out in Pacifica all day b/c our good friend, Tim Cahill was home from college before his big trip kayaking. His parents, (who we stay with every Saturday night) wanted to celebrate his birthday/kayaking trip, so, they took us, Tim, John, and Max to a fun family-style restaurant in the city called Buca Di Beppo. We had a great time!! And our server was from Bend, so, it was a little taste from home. We talked about how Californians are moving up there and driving up the cost of living in Bend. But I can’t be too harsh b/c we’re living in their state….so, I guess they can live in my state.

Well, I might get some pics that Max took at the restaurant and post them later.


6 thoughts on “A Good Weekend

  1. Fun!! I want to see that movie SO bad. Was it good? It looks hilarious. Anyway..glad you had a good time.

  2. I love Buca diBeppo! Did I just spell it wrong? Was that your first time there? My college friends and I loved that place. We went to the SF one, the Seattle one a few times, and I’ve been to the Dallas one. 🙂 Great place, eh? Glad you had a fun date! I can’t wait to go on dates again! :)Love ya, Ses

  3. I’m glad you got to see Baby Mama. No Dr. Pepper for me. Thanks for the inside tip on the tea house. Maybe we’ll check it out when my Josh’s sister comes.Stacy

  4. Ses, yes, it was our first time there. We all really liked it. Fun place. Stacy-you should totally try it out! (is it when Sarah comes to visit?) You guys would really like it. Their website is http://www.lovejoystearoom.com (they recommend you make reservations)Liz

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