Feelin Healthy

I have had really good health coverage since November and I have just in the past two weeks finally decided to collect on it. So, in the past two weeks I’ve been to the dentist 3 times (gotten 4 cavities filled…yeah…I like dessert) and just today I went to the Doctor and found out…I’m pregnant. (Haha, jk. I am NOT PREGO!) In truth, I went for a routine physical and found out that I don’t have a heart murmur (which, for the past 3 years I’ve thought I have), my breathing sounds good (which, I always think it sounds irregular), I am 5’6’’ (not 5’7’’…which was actually kind of depressing) and I got an iron supplement for my recent low iron/fatigue problem. Yay! I feel all sparkly and new. This is probably the lamest post I’ve ever posted but I just wanted to tell you all to go to the Doctor.

This is a picture of my Dr. He’s a cool guy.


4 thoughts on “Feelin Healthy

  1. That’s great Liz. I’m happy you don’t have a heart murmur! That sucks about your height because that means I’m definitely not 5’5″..there is no way I am 1 inch shorter than you.

  2. haha, i know, thought the same exact thing. Well, faith must be shorter than what she thinks too =) so, wouldn’t that put bekah at like 5’0”.? Haha!Liz

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