Going Home?

On Mother’s Day, I realized that I’ve really been missing my family lately. I was nearly in tears when we had a time of sharing in church about what we were thankful to our mothers for. Thinking about both of our moms and all they do for us and what great women they are, brought a huge knot to my throat.

Josh and I will see everyone in July, which yes, is 2 months away, I can wait that long. But on Sunday I thought, “I don’t want to wait that long.” As everyone knows, Josh is employed at Starbucks, so, we’re loaded, which is why I told Josh after church that I really wanted to go home, even be it impractical.

It was kind of spur-of-the moment but we both agreed it was a good idea. At this point, we were just planning on me going home b/c Josh leads worship every Sunday and most of the people we know who are musicians already lead worship somewhere because there are a total of about 35 Christians in the Bay Area. Anyway, by God’s blessing, a guy who we know agreed to do it….so, Josh and I are going to Oregon over Memorial Day Weekend!! We bought our tickets last night and we are sooooo excited!! I just saw some adorable pictures of Peyton and Luke (my niece and nephew) and instead of getting sad and having to be patient for 2 more months, I got really excited b/c I’ll be able to hold them and pinch them in less than 2 weeks.


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