What A Cutie

I was just looking at some wedding pictures and had to post this one. It’s of me and my nephew Josiah (Siah). This was one of my favorites. Isn’t he adorable? The sad thing about wedding pictures is that in your first year of marriage, they’re displayed in every frame you own and then, as time goes by, you stop using them as much.

Trever did such a great job and we were so blessed to have him as our photographer.

Sorry….one more. I love this one. We paid everyone $5.00 to make it look like they were having a blast. Haha, jk. I hope they were. Great family, great friends, great Oregon August weather, who could ask for a better wedding?


5 thoughts on “What A Cutie

  1. siah is SO cute. you are too. I love that second pic too. I LOVE Tim and Tom’s faces. I don’t want to know what Tim is doing to Josh. We have a few of those where you can tell one of the guys is goosing Bryan! Can’t believe that was almost 2 years ago. trever did an AMAZING job. so fun.

  2. your wedding truly was beautiful! and YOU, well, you were more than beautiful. 🙂 and i am pretty partial to that little chub you’re holding. what a cute chonner!

  3. haha, so fun. I love your wedding pictures 😉 we need to get together soon. Maybe Wednesday night, with the Mathews, and my mom, haha. I will call you!

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