Our Weekend, etc.

We had another busy but fun weekend. Before our weekend started, (last Wednesday) we went to an Eisley concert at the Great American Music Hall. It was a great venue and the concert was lots of fun. If you don’t know anything about Eisley, they’re a really good band…they are all siblings, which is pretty amazing, and their vocals are flawless.

On Friday night, starting at 11pm, we played broomball with 50 teenagers. We joined up with 2 other churches from Pacifica and had tons of fun. We didn’t get into bed until 2:15am but it was worth it.

We had beautiful weather all weekend


On Saturday, Josh and I headed for the beach. We had a great time, until an hour after we got back and realized instead of being kissed by the sun, we had been slapped by it. We both got pretty bad burns that are slowly fading. It has definitely not been fun.

What are you smiling about? You’re about to fry your skin.

On Sunday after church, we went with our Pastor and his wife, their son (our friend) and a girl from the youth group to see Prince Caspian! It was soo good and we all loved it. Well, that’s it!


3 thoughts on “Our Weekend, etc.

  1. FUN weekend! Can’t wait to see your butts this weekend, burned or not! Oh and whatever it is that Josh is drinking, it looks so yummy! love you guys

  2. haha, it’s a venti iced toffee nut latte. have bryan bring you one home today! we can’t wait for this weekend either!Liz

  3. mmm..yum. i’ve never had one, that will be my next request. bryan has gotten me hooked on (lets see if I can say it right) an iced grande decaf no whip non fat 2 pump vanilla white mocha. i think i said it wrong. also, i am loving sweetened black tea. yum. if bry switches jobs i will go through withdrawls. love ya.

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