Never mind

I am a loser and forgot that our computer crashed before we went to Oregon. Yeah, it’s really sad. Josh brought it to Mac yesterday and they pretty much told us our hard drive is corrupt. Luckily, there’s some program you can get from Mac that will clear your hard drive and then start it new. SO, we won’t have to get a new computer (Thank you, Jesus). But I’m still really bummed because if we can’t restore the hard drive, that means we lose hundreds and hundreds of dollars in music (itunes) and hundreds and hundreds of pictures. So, this really depresses me. More than having a computer that has crashed.

Anyway, ignore my previous post about “posting pictures of our trip to Oregon soon”. I’ll still be on here but won’t be able to post any pictures until our computer gets fixed =(.


7 thoughts on “Never mind

  1. I’m so glad, at this point, that your computer is salvageable. Still looking forward to the pictures, however. Counting the days until you’re back again!LoveMom

  2. OH my gosh!!! I so completely feel the pain for sure. While I can’t solve the picture problem for you, I can solve the iTunes problem. I’ve lost all my music before too and if you contact iTunes, they have a history of everything you have purchased and will let you re-download it all again. (a sob story I do believe is helpful) They will only let you do it once, and they will only upload it for like a week for you, but they will do it. Hope that eases some of the pain.

  3. I think Drew and Josh shared all of their music recently so I am pretty sure that he can give you all of the THOUSANDS of songs that we have.

  4. Did you have your itunes music on an ipod? If so, then when your new harddrive is working, you can download a program called setuni. Just google it, it’s a free download. It takes all of the music from your ipod and puts it on your computer. Setuni is actually Itunes backwards, one of the mac geniuses told me about it when this happened to me. Good luck!

  5. Aubrey,You’re joking me?? Wow. Glad I posted about this =) I didn’t know they’d do that. That is awesome. Thank you for the tip. That’s a lifesaver. Anonymous, thank you as well. I’ve always heard once it’s on your ipod, you can’t download it to a new place. GREAT stuff to know.

  6. Hi elizabeth this is chris neely, now porter! ohmigosh you’re so grown up! your sis faith found me here in bloggerland and it’s been so fun to connect w/ her again! anyways i saw your site and thought i would say hi! you look amazing! what school are you working at? i liked your post about your job! i worked at wb now Corban as an admissions counselor for a year after i got married. i hear you on the office job…it pays the bills though. anyways we had a baby a little over a year ago… i’m at if you want to check us out! hope you’re well…fun to see you!chris

  7. hundreds of dollars? on music? if that is truly the case, that is a bummer… How’d it happen? I thought Macs don’t crash or something like that. Hope all works out!

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