Jury Dootay

I had jury duty yesterday and got put in a court room for a murder trial that occured here in 1997. That was cool. Not cool that someone got murdered but cool that it was a murder case because usually when you have jury duty it’s over some bus driver slapping a customer or something. The thing that wasn’t cool about it was that the trial will be running until JANUARY 2009. How can ANYONE be a juror for a case like that? Really. The county of Marin pays $15.00 a day. That’s $15.00 a day. But out of the 75 of us sitting in there, I guess 25 people were independently wealthy (or they had a sugar-daddy or mama) b/c they didn’t raise their hands when the judge asked who would like to be dismissed by filling out a hardship form. I considered staying on and losing my job and Josh and I having to live on the streets so that civic duty might be fulfilled, but in the end, vanity won.


2 thoughts on “Jury Dootay

  1. $15 a day! My gosh!! thats crazy… but can’t you not get fired?? Unsure. Wow. NOT COOL or cool…. I am not sure yet.

  2. Unbelievable that they ask for that kind of commitment. Did I tell you I sat on a murder case in 1974? I know. I’m old. It was fascinating. I would do it again in a heartbeat, but who has that kind of time or absence or earning power? Maybe when I retire. But then they won’t want me. I’ll be even more set in my ways. If you can believe that!Love you and counting the days until we’re all together. Can’t wait.Mom

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