It’s Happening

On Friday night we went to see “The Happening.” Josh has been looking forward to this movie to come out for about a year because he loves writer/director/producer M. Night Shyamalan, and “The Village” is one of his top 3 favorite movies.

I won’t give anything away but we were a little disappointed. It wasn’t everything Josh had laid awake in bed all those nights dreaming about and slobbering on his pillow over. There was however, one section of the movie where I squeezed the life out of Josh’s arm =) There were a handful of people in the theater who I could hear laughing at me b/c of a shriek of terror I made. The funny thing was…that scary part didn’t have anything directly to do with the storyline…it was a little added piece that I think Shyamalan was really smart in adding. Anyway, it was ok. Original. Entertaining. If anyone reading this saw it, let me know what you thought. We haven’t talked to anyone yet who has seen it. Also, tell me what you thought about Mark Walberg’s acting.


One thought on “It’s Happening

  1. i’m seeing it tomorrow night and am sad you weren’t excited for it.. I didn’t really like Lady in the Water that much either.. The Village was the best, in my opinion.

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