Update on the Computer

We have had some ups and downs with our computer. Luckily, our friend was able to save all of the documents, etc. that were on our hard drive that crashed. We thought we were going to be able to reset the hard drive and not have to get a new one, but come to find out, we DO need a new hard-drive.

The computer will soon be 4 years old and we were planning on getting a new one in the next year or two. So, rather than pay $310.00 for them to put a new hard-drive in an old computer, we’re just gonna get a new one now. We are waiting until we go to Oregon in 2 weeks (so that we don’t have to pay sales tax on it) and we’ll get a student discount, and a free ipod and printer (they might as well PAY us to take the computer away) It’s not the ideal situation to be buying a new computer right now, but it will be good. So, get ready b/c in a few weeks, we’re gonna have pictures and videos and strobe lights and live music on this blog and it’s gonna blow your mind.


One thought on “Update on the Computer

  1. goodie!! That’s so awesome that you will get all of that jazz for FAREE!!! Saaaaawwweeeeeetttt!! How’s the fort holding down at home?!?!

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