Forget About Living, Watch TV Instead

Growing up, my mom invented this horrible system called “TV Tickets” She probably jacked the tickets from the hot lunch department at good ol Good Shepherd School (those generic tickets you get at an old movie theatre that read “Admit One”) And she had this basket and every time we wanted to watch TV, we had to forfeit one of the tickets into the basket. I think 1 ticket equaled a ½ an hour of TV. And it seems like we got 3 tickets for the whole week (I’m sure it was something like 10, but this is the way my 7-year old brain remembers it).

It was such a depressing system. As a kid, all I wanted to do when I got home from a stressful day of recess, art, music, and adding 1+1 at school, was watch “Disney Afternoon”. Well, her system didn’t last long, and soon we were back to being fat kids who would come home from school and watch TV until our dad got home to watch the news. I still remember the credits of Little House on the Prairie rolling as I could smell the dinner my mom was cooking.

In college, I didn’t watch TV. I had no idea what was going on in the world, never watched the news, didn’t keep up with any reality shows. To put it simply: my life was too busy to watch TV. I was too cool for TV. (This is the tone I hear when I talk to people who don’t watch TV. Way too popular for it.)

Well, by default, Josh and I have cable….and not local cable but all the good channels like ESPN, HGTV, TLC, History, Comedy Central, and Oxygen (that last one was a joke). Anyway, it has become a total habit to come home from work (after a long day of…..sitting), maybe make dinner, maybe clean it up, maybe make Josh do it, and then sitting on the couch and surfing all the channels. We always find something that’s entertaining and then, before I know it, it’s 9:30pm and the stupid reality-show that completely knows how to make a 17 minute show into a 60 minute show is just a half an hour longer…so, we watch it and then we go to bed around 10:30-11:00.
This doesn’t happen every night but when it does, it’s depressing!!

I like TV but I do not want to waste my life watching it!! However, I love having “a show to watch”. Thursday night is the best TV night. We used to always watch “the Office” and now we’re into “Last Comic Standing”. If we ever catch up with it, we’ll watch “Lost” on Thursday nights too.

Sadly, we’ve watched The Bachelorette twice now and that’s pretty entertaining too. I don’t mind having a few TV shows a week that we watch. But when there’s nothing specific we want to watch and 2 hours go by of flipping through the channels, it makes for a really lame night. So, last night, on a night that we didn’t watch TV, we decided to cancel our cable. I’m ready to be outside more, go on walks, ride bikes, draw, journal, paint, scrapbook, bake, play with my dolls, dress up like a princess…anything other than watching dumb re-runs of “Top Chef.” Ahhhhhh, deliverance.


5 thoughts on “Forget About Living, Watch TV Instead

  1. hehe. this post is close to my heart. just wait until you have kids and the only thing you have energy for in the evenings is watch tv. just kidding..kind of. no, i am trying harder to watch less too. i know what you mean about wasting an evening on shows you don’t need or want to watch. i have my list of shows i love to watch and other than that it’s a waste. thank goodness all of my shows aren’t on in the same seasons or i would be in trouble. right now i am in love with the bachelorette and so you think you can dance, other than that there’s not much that excites me. and thank goodness we don’t have cable, tlc would seriously be the death of me. love you sis and proud of you for cancelling. oh and it’s weird, we were JUST talking about tv tickets the other day! wow..long comment, sorry.

  2. The TV tickets couldn’t have been ALL bad. They helped make you think about the amount of time you spend staring at the box that doesn’t have much to say!Love you.Your cruel and heartless mom!

  3. You may know, but we don’t have a TV… and honestly, right now I’m glad because I know I would totally get sucked in to A Baby Story on TLC every afternoon and to my shagrin Jameson would be pulling every item out of our trash can or something… I get sucked in so kudos to you for cutting yourself off!

  4. you go girl. you know my husband, we don’t have cable because Drew doesn’t want to waste our lives. We have been in Texas for 4 days now and um we have WATCHED TV no joke. Today I got really mad and I was like WHAT HAVE WE BEEN DOING THE LAST FEW DAYS!! (and everyones response was um watching T.V.) (by the way I just watched Iron Chef). Starting our family we for sure are making big decisions about T.V. haha. Even though you know that I love my reality T.V. I still hate it. Why waste our time watching T.V??? I’ll go on bike rides with you when I am un-pregnant. Hope you are well!! Love your post!!

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