A Good Day to be Melodramatic

We went and saw “Get Smart” on Friday with friends and one line that Anne Hathaway says near the end is that working in an office for 8 hours a day for the rest of her life would be like scraping a cheese grater on her forehead every day. Disgusting analogy. But interesting. This “office life” thing is a new concept in the history of the world. Maybe in a couple hundred years, people will laugh at us for spending our lives at a desk. I pray to God that I won’t find myself at age 65, still working in an office. With skin cancer from fluorescent lighting and eyeballs that don’t work from the computer screen and a lot of extra weight from sitting my life away and tendinitis in my fingers from all the typing and a brain that doesn’t learn new things anymore. I should move to South America and become a farmer. Work with my hands, sweat, be sore at night, sleep hard, work hard, but feel like I’m living.


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