Our Pastor’s wife, Maggie let us borrow her computer for the week. It’s really weird to have a computer in our apartment again. But anyway, I was able to download pictures from the past month or so. Here they are:

Memorial Day Weekend in Oregon

Lukey studying Uncle Josh


My parents have this great new deck that we spent most of our time hanging out on

Beks and I playing “Montana Golf” (very appropriate)

Peyton playing in her posh sand box

The only picture I got of Faith when we were home. Luke loves his mama.

Josh playing softball with the raging Abiding Way team

Last weekend we had a “Party in the Park” summer kick-off thing for our youth group. Two of our student leaders made this water balloon launcher for it.

All the students are playing games happily on the field. Josh is alone with the BBQ. What a pyro.

There were a couple other pictures I wanted to post but they WERE NOT downloading and after 6 tries, I was done and ready to go to bed.


One thought on “Pictorials

  1. Blonco Ball!! We love that game! We are wanting to buy it!! But where do you buy it?! haha! Lets play sometime…. I am basically awful!

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