Not Really a Bucket List

Lately I have felt like I should be learning more than I do. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a student for my whole life and the reality of not being in school is finally setting in. I feel like I use 3% of the 10% we get to use of our brains. There are so many countries to study, history to know, art to love, people to observe, facts to memorize, politics to follow, friends to meet, God’s word to know, new places to travel, languages to learn, and professions to establish. Below are some things I want to do before I go and see Jesus. (In no particular order).

Travel Europe

Go to Hawaii again

Visit Scott, Sarah, Josiah, and Annika in Papua New Guinea

Learn a 2nd language (preferably Spanish)

See Turkey (one of Josh’s favorite places)

Have beh-behs

Take lots of art classes

Draw more often

Find a job that I love
Set Designer (?)

Costume Designer (?)

Be an extra in a movie

Go to Ashley Lake in Montana and stay at Josh’s Grandpa’s house

Go to NYC again

Visit the South

Own a 4Runner

Have a porch

Learn to play the cello (or at least touch one)

If you feel like doing this yourself and coming up with your own “Not Really a Bucket List” please go ahead and then let me know so I can see it!


6 thoughts on “Not Really a Bucket List

  1. i had the REALEST dream that you were pregnant last night… I will have to tell you about it. 🙂 Wish you were!! ha

  2. i love your “touch a cello” wish.. i hope that one comes true for you! and i love the idea for your post.. i should try one too!

  3. I PERSONALLY like the sixth one! I bet you can’t guess which one that is w/o looking. I hope all your dreams come true, but for now I’m just glad you’re coming to Oregon–very, very soon!!!!LoveMom

  4. Rereading this it looks like Shan is a prophet.Do you like to read? If you want to keep learning, I recommend reading “love and economics” by Jennifer Roback Morse.

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