I Heart Vacations

I read that between 1978 and 1984, Bill Gates took 6 vacation days. That fact makes me want to throw up on myself. I could never be a person who doesn’t take vacations or a person who prides themselves in never taking vacations. I think people who do that are lame. The average European takes 6 weeks vacation in a year. Let’s all move to Europe. Americans work their lives away and in turn, we are depressed, over-stimulated, and self-absorbed people. But hey, we’re rich.

This Thursday, Josh and I will defy the American tradition of being lamo. We are leaving for an 11 day road trip to travel to Washington and Oregon to see ALL of our immediate family!! We can’t wait! I’m so excited that it’s ahead of us and not behind us!! I hope that when we’re there, each day goes slow and it feels like we’ve been gone a month.

We get to spend the 4th of July in Ft. Lewis, Washington with the Howeth fam. I’m really excited to laugh and play games with everyone and it will be nice to spend the 4th on an army base. I’ve forgotten what patriotism looks like. We get to see our good friend, Ky get married in between seeing both families and then we get to go to Sunriver with the Tucker fam and ride bikes, play tennis, eat ice cream from goody’s, lay out by the pool, canoe down the Deschutes, and pretty much, love life. We are so happy to have all of this time with all of our family members.


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