I’m sorry but I had to copy this video from my sister Faith’s blog. This happened the morning we left Sunriver (Monday). This is of my 2 1/2 year old nephew…I don’t think he knew he could talk in this voice until my sister Bekah encouraged him. Pay attention to my mom’s response when he growls “gamma” and to my sister’s comment a minute later that causes coffee to come out of Josh’s nose. Good job for getting this on tape, Faith!


4 thoughts on “Josiah

  1. I think I have watched this video about 15 times! I love at the end when we are all laughing and siah is still going “Peyton Peyton” the whole thing is hilarious. I am lucky to have gotten that!

  2. he started the voice, i followed.. i’ll have to watch this video when I can turn the sound on and aren’t in a cafe or school library!

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