Du Nu Nu Nu Batman

Ok, that was a really cheesy blog title but is anyone else sad that the new Batman isn’t called: “Batman: The Dark Knight” it’s just called “The Dark Knight”. That really is breaking some traditions…Batman, Batman Forever, Batman Returns, Batman and Robin, Batman Begins and then, “The Dark Knight”?

The name, though, was probably the only disappointment about this new flick. (Which really wasn’t a disappointment…I’m just being dramatic.) We went and saw it last night with some friends Josh works with. It was amazing!! A little too violent at times (don’t take your kids) and definitely a different mood and theme than any of the other Batmans. Looking at that dorky one with Jim Carey as the Riddler in comparrison to this one is like saying that Monte Python and Braveheart are in the same series. The acting was excellent, with the best job of course going to Heath Ledger. It was really good. Hope you have a chance to see it.


5 thoughts on “Du Nu Nu Nu Batman

  1. Thanks for the review Liz. I really want to see it..mostly to see my boyfriend’s..oh, I mean Heath’s last movie:( We watched The Patriot the other night and it was so weird to watch him act, especially the scene where he dies. Sad. miss you guys

  2. I know I’m being totally stupid and uninformed, but wasn’t there a Heath Ledger movie about a knight? Was he totally the center character in this Batman movie? Is it pretty much about him? They’re making such a big deal about his role.Love you and I’m with Faith. I (we)miss you terribly.Mom

  3. i saw it last night. i love the “breaking tradition thing”. i am working in the bookstore right now and read that part outloud cause i thought it was so insightful/funny.miss u guys!!!!!!!!!carly

  4. Mamasita,Yes, he was in “A Knight’s Tale” and he was the villain in this one…so, he and uh, Batman and another guy were the three main characters. The reason they’re making such a big deal about his role is 1) he’s dead and 2) um, yeah, he did an AMAZING job at it. You should go see it!!Carly–thanks for saying hi, girl!

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