Sick Day

As of last week, Josh and I had only been apart from each other once in the two years we’ve been married. Last summer I went up to Oregon for a good friend’s wedding and Josh got sick while I was gone. He also got sick when we were engaged and I went out of town. I always make fun of him for this. He’s just so dependent on me that when I’m not around, he falls apart.

Well, since Sunday, Josh has been bacpacking in Yosemite and this time, it was my turn. On Monday night I got sick. This lasted through yesterday and I had to stay home from work. Which was fun for about 20 minutes. But then I realized that I couldn’t move and I was so sick of the stupid TV being on and shuving nasty food down my throat that wasn’t appealing at all. And other than email and chatting on Facebook, I didn’t talk to anyone!! How lonely. It was not fun.

Today, I’m a little better. At least back to work. It’s probably b/c Josh is coming home today and that’s why I’m feeling better =)


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