2nd Anniversary

“2 years come and gone so fast, I might as well be dreaming.” Does anyone else remember that horribly cheesy Oprah song? “10 years come and gone so fast….” Anyway…. Josh and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary yesterday! I know 2 years isn’t that long but I can’t believe we’ve been MARRIED for 2 years!!

So, here are pictures from the past three August 12ths.

Our wedding day 2006:

Our one year 2007:

And our two year 2008:

I pretty much look the same in all of them…a little fatter every year….a little paler every year. But one huge difference from those first two pictures is that THIS year, there are three of us celebrating the big day!! Yes, we have a little bun in the oven who my niece refers to as “Klont” and who our youth refer to as “Lizosh” We are 10 ½ weeks prego and due March 7, 2009!! We are very excited!


21 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary

  1. Congratulations you two! Very cool! Now you REALLY will be able to use the Midwestern mom voice. Hehe. Oh, I chuckle just thinking about it… and about how funny your kid is gonna be!

  2. YAY!! I’m smiling so much right now! I’m so happy for you guys! AHH!! Seriously, that little jelly bean is one lucky dude/dudette to have you as parents! Raj and I really need to make a trip to San Francisco and see you guys! Congrats!!

  3. Holler! How great, I can’t wait to read your blogs on prego-ness and the like. What a great blessing! That tyke will be so precious!

  4. Woohoo!!! How exciting- Congrats! My due date is March 6, 2009. Isn’t that crazy that our due dates are only a day apart?! How you feeling? We should talk sometime soon! Love ya!!

  5. Wow–all these e-mails. You are loved. I am so so very very happy for the three of you. We’re half way there–5 of my 10 grandbabies! Can’t wait to have all of them here and loving each other.LoveMom

  6. no way!! CONGRATULATIONS 🙂 That is so exciting Lizzy and Josh!!Having a baby is an exciting thing- not that I have had one yet, but we’re close…Keep us updated on the blog… and happy 2nd anniversary

  7. Congrats to both of you! So exciting. It seems like just yesterday we were cheering together with Peggy…fun times right?!?!?!|Anyways thanks for sharing the wonderful news. And by the way I think your anniversery pictuers are so cute!

  8. I was thinking about you being prego again…. I get chills thinking about it, you and Janelle and Kim and who knows who is next to join us in this motherhood phenomenon sp? Whenever things get crappy, and they will at one time or another, or all the time, just read over all of the comments from all of these people over and over again and it’ll help you realize what a blessing it is to be in your shoes! Yay for Klont!

  9. WOW!! That is so awesome! Congratulations!!!! P.S. You look fantastic every year…and the wedding photo of you two is gorgeous! Congrats again!!!

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