Klont’s First Picture

There actually is a baby in there! This picture is about 3 weeks old…Klont has now moved onto bigger and better things but this is its first picture. And no, our baby is not a cyclops, that is “a void of space” as our nurse explained, that hadn’t been developed at the time of the photo shoot. Our next sonogram will be in 2 weeks. We can’t wait to see him/her again!


8 thoughts on “Klont’s First Picture

  1. fun that you get a few ultrasounds… we only got a 12week, 20week(gender one) and then two at the end when he was overdue. Was the lil’ one swimming all around? I love that, pushing off one side and shooting across to the other… You are officially enamored for life with this lil’ fella! How are you feelin’?

  2. I think “klont” has it’s mommy’s smile and daddy’s chin! What do you think. I see some resemblance:)Love you both,Mom H

  3. Your first ultrasound looks way better than ours, cyclops eyes and all!! We had ours at 6weeks so it looks like a tamigatchi (remember those litle pocket toys that you had to feed and wash away thair poop?) Anyway, we are so excited for you guys, how far along were you with this ultrasound? Love ya, Durbs

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