On Friday at 3pm, Josh, Brittany and I piled into our poor Honda Accord that has been on too many roadtrips over the past two years for its liking. Josh and I were gluttons and really wanted to eat dinner at Sonics, so, we took a stupid detour, ate greasy food, felt sick, and took 9 hours to get to So Cal when it usually takes 7.

Anyway, we took Tim and Brit out to breakfast on Saturday morning at Mimi’s (which we miss going to) and it was SCRUMPTIOUS!

Then we drove around Riverside and they showed us some of the houses they’ve been looking at to buy. Tons of houses down there are going through foreclosure and it was amazing to see houses that would have been selling for $400,000 when we were in college 2 years ago to starting at $150,000. Then we played rockband and I “failed” out of drumming and base playing. It was pretty depressing. Everyone else was doing great and having fun except for loser girl in the corner who I guess doesn’t have any musical talent.

The wedding was Saturday evening and it was beautiful (see pictures below). It was so great to be there and celebrate with Brooke and Charlie…a couple that couldn’t be better for each other. Talented at everything they do, smart, outgoing, gifted athletes, lovers of Jesus, beautiful, they even look alike! I was really sad b/c we didn’t get a picture with them but it was a great wedding and tons of fun to see all of our friends.

Derek, Mrs. Lewis, Janelle, Darren

Ryan, Shannon, Brit, Tim

The bridesmaids performing “Thriller” (notice cute prego Kimmy in the middle)

Jason, Brooke, Me, Josh, Tim, Brit

On Sunday we went to church (Sandals…whoop whoop) and then out to lunch with a group of friends to the beloved Lucille’s Smokehouse. Josh and I ordered and shared the best dish on the menu, southern fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and a side of macaroni and cheese (I prefer the shoestring fries but Josh got his mac n cheese) We order this every time we go. This meal was also scrumptious and we had a great time chattin it up with our friends.

Brit, Shannon, Becka

Me, Sarah, Brooke

Josh, Tim, Ryan

Ryan, Josh, Tim

Lindsey and Raj Lulla

After lunch, we were able to meet up with Tom and Shannon, which was lots of fun b/c we haven’t seen them in a while. Then we headed home, got back at 11pm, went to bed and woke up at 3:30am (Josh) and 7:00am (Liz) for work. It was a GREAT weekend! (And this was a very detailed blog post)


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  1. ohhh, all your old friends. i almost got teary eyed seeing you reunited with them all, eating at all of your old favorite restaurants! i am SO happy that you guys were able to go! I know how much So Cal and all those people mean to you. Is that a little belly I see? It’s sooo little, but I could kind of see it:) So cute. Pat Klont’s little bum for me!LOVE you guys!

  2. Oh how I hate that you and I are never there at the same time! Thanks for all of the pics, it helps me to feel like I could have been there (since I know that’s why you post pics, is so that I can be fulfilled) There is no way you would have failed out of the singing part, don’t let Josh get all the credit for his pipes! I think we all need an update on how Klont is affecting your life and personhood… mainly because I know it will make me laugh!

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