Coffee and Melodies

On Monday night we had a “Back to School” coffeehouse. Josh was asked to play/sing at it and I was asked to decorate for it. We had lots of fun. So, in the pictures, it will look like this was a kid fest…not really, just all of our friends have cute little munchkins that I couldn’t help but take pictures of.

Sadie and Lydia

2 pregos: Hannah and Shannon

Kelly and Leah

Drew and Josh…they did a GREAT job

Christina, Kevin, and Bryce

Singin some William Fitzsimmons, John Mayer, Matt Pond PA, Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, and Sleeping at Last

Josh practicing

3 men and 2 little ladies (maybe some day soon…3 little ladies?)


3 thoughts on “Coffee and Melodies

  1. i stumbled upon your blog from who knows who else’s blog, and so far have only be a lurker, but am delurking to ask how you know of sleeping at last?? i’m from their hometown and casually know them, and am always interested when others in far off places have also heard of them. congratulations on your pregnancy, by the way! i have an 8 month old and being a mom is so amazing (and hard!).

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My husband is actually the musical guru and he heard of them a few years back through a friend down in SoCal and fell in love with them. Not that cool of a story but that’s cool that you’re from the same hometown as them! My husband wishes more people on the west coast new of them so that they would come play here. So, next time you see them, will you ask them to come to San Francisco? J/K. Well, feel free to continue to delurk…

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