Laboring Not

Yesterday Josh and I had the day off. Yes, the day OFF. I know we go to SoCal for weddings and take vacation time with family but we never and I mean never, have a day off to do nothing. We actually don’t have 1 day off all week (just half days…which is fine for now). But anyway, yesterday was Labor Day and for some reason, Josh didn’t have to work at the Bucks, so, we made a day of it.

We have never been to Pt. Reyes (which is about an hour away from us) and this is one of those places where when you get a book of “The top 100 places to go in the world” Pt. Reyes is one of them. So, we slept in, took our time getting ready, went out to breakfast at “Mama’s” which reminded us a lot of our all time favorite breakfast joint in Huntington, “Sugar Shack”.

It’s funky and artsy and dirty and weird and the food was pretty good. I even had a few sips of Josh’s coffee…oh morning sickness, please go away soon. I miss Joe.

Then we drove the beautiful drive to Pt. Reyes, passing cute bed and breakfasts, green rolling hills, and dairy farms with large, fat and happy cows. Our first stop was the lighthouse that is 138 years old or something and has the oldest known original lighthouse device in the U.S. In order to get to the lighthouse, you have to walk down a butt-load of stairs that is equivalant to 30 stories. My thighs and calves are enjoying this fact today which goes to show how out of shape I am.

We then drove to one of the many beaches, ate our picnic lunch, put our feet in the freezing, aching water, played cards, and just chilled. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. Then we went home, I made dinner, and we finished season 4 of Lost. We are all now all caught up and ready for season 5 to start!! It was a good day.

These last 2 pictures are for your enjoyment, I call them our Trever Hoehne shots. The one Josh took of me was a candid but with the wind blowing my hair…haha! It looks like we’re trying to do a modeling shoot. And the one of Josh…I think you can guess whether that was staged or not.


5 thoughts on “Laboring Not

  1. Fun! What a great way to spend your day..I especially like the sleeping in part:) I second Bek’s comment about the

  2. breakfast looks way better than anything you eat on Sunday mornings at my house! I love to start a day off with breakfast out. It’s the best and you both deserve it!

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