Is anyone else excited for winter? Normally at this point, I’m still trying to hang onto summer but I think b/c this year didn’t really feel like summer and because I’m under florescent lights all day, I am so ready for the holiday season!! I can’t wait for Christmas music, cold weather (I will have to rely on our trips to Colorado and Oregon for this), sweaters, yummy comfort food, pumpkin pie, family and friends, Christmas trees, buying people presents, Christmas cookies, driving around and looking at Christmas lights, stockings, fires, celebrating Christ’s birth…yeah, it’s pretty much ‘the most wonderful time of the year’.

This was a random post but I was sick of seeing my bare belly. Pics to come of Janessa’s wedding/my visit home!


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  1. what’s with the blooming tree pic? was this a “which one of these is not like the other one” game? It may look like snow in your eyes, but I think its the blossoms that are so white…

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