Arts and Crafts with Liz

When I was probably in 5th or 6th grade, I started a Christmas village. But these weren’t the expensive, nice, hand-crafted ones you buys for like $40 a pop, these were the $5 ones you get at a craft store and paint yourself. For probably 4 Christmases in a row, I would buy one or two at a time and spend my Saturday mornings at the kitchen table, in my pajamas with my mom playing the Carpenters on the record player, painting these little houses to my heart’s desire. The houses were cheesy and even though I thought I was good, I did a sloppy job on most of them. And my poor mom (moms are so sweet with kids’ horrible art work) allowed me to set “the village” up every Christmas in our living room. She even bought me the little lights to go under the houses and fake snow and all that fun stuff. And up until like 2 years ago, I finally convinced them to throw it away. I think they thought it was going to hurt my inner-child’s feelings if they got rid of it.

But anyway, EVERY year when the season starts approaching, I have a strong craving to sleep in on a Saturday morning, lounge around with a cup of coffee, listen to Christmas music, and paint my beloved little ceramic Christmas Village houses. So, I’ve decided that I want to buy them, paint them, if they’re good, maybe I’ll keep them, if they’re not, I’ll throw them away. They’re $5. You pay $10 for a movie and these things offer me many more hours of entertainment and satisfaction than movies do. (And I love movies) But I don’t know who sells them anymore. I think they were a thing of the 90s and b/c stores aren’t into selling white trash stuff anymore, no one carries them. I tried looking online but had no luck. Does anyone know of any chain-craft store that sells these ghetto little gems?


3 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts with Liz

  1. that is so funny liz. i totally remember you spending hours on those things! I love how you called them white trash:) good luck finding them, I’ll let you know if I ever see them at a craft store. And HAVE FUN painting them! PS. I can’t believe YOU let mom and dad get rid of them;)

  2. My grandma gave me a bunch of those houses a year ago (they were already painted with lights in them) and now I am trying to sell them. I’ve been trying the sell them on Craig’s List for the last month and I’ve only sold one!

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