Shows and Jokes

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how many good musical artists there are out there. The number of beautiful songs that exist. Aren’t songs gonna run-out some day? Isn’t there a limit to the melodies we can make? I enjoy pop music…good beats, catchy tunes, but I’ve always loved the not-so-mainstream artists and thanks to being married to Josh, I have been exposed to this even more. I’ll find music I like and listen to it for 10 years (no exaggeration) but Josh takes the time to find, and listen to, and buy (3 things I am very unlikely to do) great new artists. Anyway, it’s so fun. I love music.

And it is great living in the bay area b/c like any other big city, music is huge here and if artists are making a west coast trip, most of them stop here. We haven’t been to many shows but we really should start going to more. I love going somewhere and being entertained. Yes, I am a cheap person but this is something I enjoy spending money on. Movies, concerts, a good play, improv comedy clubs. Next week we are going to see Greg Laswell. He’s an artist that we don’t really want to get popular. It should be a really good show. And in October we are going to my first stand-up comedian show to see Brian Regan (who is hilarious!!) Anyway, why I just did a post on all of this, I don’t really know.

hmmm, I wonder which one is the musician and which one is the comedian…


One thought on “Shows and Jokes

  1. That’s so true. How DO they keep coming up with new material? I think it’s more true of movies, however. It just doesn’t seem like there could be that much creativity and originality–even on the grocery store shelves! LoveMom

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