Bridge Tolls, I Hate You

Josh and I don’t know what we’re doing tonight and I was thinking it would be fun to go into the city but then I realized with Josh taking me to and picking me up from the airport this week and all of our drives to Pacifica, we have spent $33 in bridge tolls this week. How depressing is that? On average, it’s about $15-20 a week. Which really adds up. When we first moved here, I moaned every time we would cross the bridge, now I hardly think about it. I wonder how much of our money has gone to that dumb Golden Gate Bridge. I don’t care if you think you’re cool because you’re red!


5 thoughts on “Bridge Tolls, I Hate You

  1. You’re too cute. I was wondering when you might blog about this expense. You two have always had such good attitudes about paying it. I would have complained long ago. But then you know that!LoveMom

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