P.S. from a Loser Girl

Well, just incase you were wondering, Josh and I went to Michael’s Craft Store on Friday night because we missed the showing for “Traitor”….yeah, Josh liked that, miss a movie, go to a craft store instead. (By the way, this is something I love about Josh) I know he doesn’t like going into stores like that with me but he still does it and he’s so cute b/c he’ll shop with me, he won’t just stand at the door with his hands in his pocket or something, he’ll be picking things up and saying, “Is this what you’re looking for” Such a good hubby. Anyway, that was a complete side-note.

So, we went to Michael’s and there among the Christmas stuff (yes, they already have Christmas stuff up!!) were the little unpainted ceramic houses!! I seriously jumped up and down like a little girl and almost peed my pants (hence, the title of this blog). It made me really happy. They’re different than the ones I used to paint. These seem smaller and they probably only had 6 different houses. So, I bought a little “Stone Mill” with cobblestone all over it to start with. Josh and I spent last night watching Season 3 of the Office, me painting my house, and him doing homework. True romance.


5 thoughts on “P.S. from a Loser Girl

  1. hahahaha!! that’s so funny! Drew would be the one at the front with his hands in his pockets or he would be following me around saying “are we done yet” or “lets get out of here.” ha! Can’t wait to see your lil house!

  2. So I just found your blog (and I just started one too)… but I just read this and had to comment because that sounds just like Rob and me! Although we would probably be watching Arrested Development! Corrie

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