Janessa’s Wedding

Well, this was almost 2 weeks ago but here are pictures from Janessa’s wedding! It was a very short but very sweet trip home.

This picture is awesome of Neal and Mom

The beautiful bride

Dru and Janessa Davis


Durbs, Erin, Me

Durbs, Janess, Me

Eating our scrumptious lunch. Everyone was really excited I busted out the camera at this time.

Wookey (Luke)

Peyton trying to swaddle me like a baby

Annika…the little cutie


4 thoughts on “Janessa’s Wedding

  1. Man oh man I need to just smile when the camera is pointed my way. Even then it’s not so great–but better. Great pictures, with the exception of a couple. I’d like a print of the one of Annika. We don’t have many. That’s one thing I definitely want to do at Christmas–get pictures taken!LoveMom

  2. cute pics. at least the ones i’m not in..i agree with mom, i’m always such a dork when a camera is pointed my way, i need to learn to just smile! oh well. love you

  3. beautiful photos! even though i am never in oregon anymore its cool to see how you all are doing. hope the prego time is going well!

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