Hangin Out with Greg

Last Wednesday, we went and saw Greg Laswell. Most of you probably don’t know who he is. Good. Jk. He is amazing and we both really love his music. Right after we got married, we were sitting in a Starbucks, playing cards, and his song, “High and Low” came on and we were both like, “Who is this?” So, Josh went up and asked, after looking, they came back and told us, “Greg Laswell” and the rest is history.

He just came out with a new album (and an EP a couple months before that) and both are awesome. For his last song, he took my request! I yelled out, “High and Low” and he said, “Ok, I’ll play High and Low.” It was a fun concert…I think we were his biggest fans there =). He opened for Joan as Police Woman but we left after he played.

There were also 3 times where we were standing feet away from him but we were too big of losers to meet him! After the concert, we stood for probably 10 minutes, debating as to whether or not we should go up and shake his hand…what stalkers. In the end, we wussed out. But it was really good.


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