Stolen Pictures

Yeah, I just stole these pictures from my friend, Stacy’s blog. On Friday night, us 3 couples hung out and it’s really fun b/c we’re all pregnant and 11 weeks apart from each other. Shan is due any day now (officially October 7th), Stacy is due December 20th and I’m due March 7th. I’m not really cool enough yet to play with the big kids…with my little baby bump…but you get the idea. Not many people get to be pregnant with their friends and we all live so close together that it’s lots of fun.

On top of all of this excitement, we have decided to announce that our husbands are pregnant too. My Josh was due last week, Drew is due in February and Josh Mathews isn’t due until April. We can’t wait for all these babies!


7 thoughts on “Stolen Pictures

  1. You girls look so cute. Liz I like that your belly is getting bigger. You look so cute. But Josh I am glade that God made only woman to have babies and not guys especially you. Love ya bro.Love you guys,Christie

  2. I’m sorry I misspelled “Stacey’s” name. I’m also relieved people don’t have to continue to laugh at the pics prior to this post.LoveMom

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