Destined for Arm Flab

In high school I ran track, was a cheerleader on the competition squad (yeah, we were hard-core), probably had an amazing metabolism, went to school dances, had lots of energy, and was always jumping and running around everywhere.

In college, I REALLY liked our cafeteria food and because it was buffet-style, I had a really hard time with self-control. What? Endless chocolate chip cookies? As much ice cream as I want? 12 sugary drink choices? Donut run at 2am? Dorm event with free pizza and chocolate cake? BUT I ran. I ran at least 3 times a week all through college and I was in pretty good shape.

Then we moved here and I got old and instead of running, I started walking (lamo). I’m kidding, my mom has walked her whole life and if you know her, she is the size of a bluejay. And it’s not the weight I care about…it’s the feeling healthy that matters. It is so rewarding to feel in shape and good about yourself and like you’re taking care of and nurturing the body God has given you. I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

And since I’ve gotten pregnant, I’ve done nothing in the way of exercise. It’s horrible! I’m scared it’s gonna be bad for the kid or something (although I know this isn’t true). I’ve turned into one of those girls who has soft arms. Just a few more years and I’ll have the Oprah flab. She’s probably had that removed by now but I remember she used to come out, waving to all of her guests, clapping her hands above her head and that arm fat was having a hay day, jiggling all over. Yeah, just wait, that will be me. But I won’t have the luxury of being a billionaire who has their own TV show.

Anyway, all that to say, I need to start getting some exercise or I’m not gonna have the energy to push this kid out.


One thought on “Destined for Arm Flab

  1. You’re so cute. I’m with you about the energy level. I just love what the walking does for me. It invigorates me with the side benefit of staying in shape.LoveMom

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