The Weekend

Friday was my birthday, and although Josh says we’re not “celebrating it” until this coming weekend, he still gave me a great birthday. After he got off work at 10am, he brought me a birthday poem (yes, he writes poems and they’re always funny), a decaf white chocolate mocha (I hadn’t had one in 3 months and sadly…it didn’t go down that well), a venti ice water, and one single, lovely rose. It was very sweet. We talked, he left, about 2 minutes later, my friend Kelly walks up to my desk and says, “Happy Birthday!” with the same exact type of rose that Josh had just given me. About 30 seconds after that, another girl I work with brought me the same rose again. Well, this went on for about a half an hour, different people I work with walking up, saying Happy Birthday and handing me a rose. At the end, I had a full bouquet of beautiful orange/pink roses. It was very sweet!! He’s so good…

On Friday night we ventured into the city and ate dinner at a restaurant called “Q”. Yeah, it’s so cool that it only needs one letter as its name. A friend who lived in the city for a while recommended it. It was “hip”, fun, and the food was pretty good. After dinner we were going to get dessert but I was still uncomfortably full (I miss having a big apetite) so, we drove back home, stopped by Safeway, where I got an ENTIRE pumpkin pie (hey, it was my birthday!) And Josh got E-clairs. We then went home, ate our dessert and attempted to watch Talledega Nights but I think I was asleep 20 minutes into it.

We’ll see what Josh has up his sleeve for this weekend. Last birthday without a kid.

On Sunday we were able to spend the whole day with the Careys! Over the past 3 weeks, they have been in California, visiting various supporters. Their last stop was near us, so they met us at our church and then we drove to a resort…I mean, where they were staying, this LOVELY oasis of a home in Los Gatos. It was a great day, some of us went in the pool, we enjoyed a good lunch together, talked a lot, caught up on our politics, enjoyed the “spa” (upon moving to California for college, I quickly learned that no one here calls them “hot tubs”…they’re “SPAS”). It was a great day and Josh and I really felt like we had gone away to a hotel for the day. We had a great time being able to visit with Scott and Sarah and pinch our cute little niece and nephew.

Scott, Siah and Annika in the pool

Josiah and I deep in conversation

Annika jumping on the trampoline right before she bonked her chin on the bar and bit her lip…poor little thing!

Being comforted by mommy

Josh and Josiah playing in the spa


4 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. I’m so glad you had a great birthday. You are very special Liz(Josh too:)) but I want you to know we are so blessed to have you as part of the Howeth family. You bring so much joy into our family and Josh is very blessed to have you as his wife. We love and miss you two and can’t wait to see you at Thanksgiving.Love, Mom H

  2. Liz I am glade that you had a wonderful birthday you deserve it. You are a great person and wife to my brother. I could not see him with any one but YOU. Josh has always been good at planning special things for people. Can’t wait to see you guys.Love Always,Christie

  3. josh has definitely earned some sweet hubby points 🙂 hope he is rewarded well 😀 lol…dum de dum dum. how is the heartburn and morning sickness?

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