Carsyn Rae

Last night, we got to see Carsyn Rae…our good friends Drew and Shannon’s little bundle of joy. Oh my gosh! She was so precious! She was so tiny, too. You forget how little they are at the beginning. It’s been really fun and amazing to watch her grow inside Shannon and now she’s here! Life is a blessing.

I wish we would have gotten one of the happy little family! (Next time)

This has nothing to do with Carsyn and I don’t even know why I’m putting it on here but last night we had popcorn and Josh really wanted some soda but we only had one Diet Coke in the fridge and Josh HATES diet coke with a passion. Sometimes he’ll have a sip of mine and then make this disgusted, “I don’t know how you drink that stuff face” but desperate times call for desperate measures and he actually drank a whole can of Diet Coke!! So, with that exciting story in mind, I had to take a picture to document it.


3 thoughts on “Carsyn Rae

  1. What a sweet little thing. Congratulations again Drew and Shannon. Elizabeth, you and Josh look like quite the naturals!Am I missing the pics from this last weekend?LoveMom

  2. i love the first one of you and the baby.. pre-meltdown. so cute! really weird that that’ll be you in a few months!!

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