I don’t know why we keep taking our belly pictures at random times, but I’ll just call this most recent picture the “20 week picture” b/c we’ll be 20 weeks on Saturday. This means that I will be half way through my pregnancy!!! It’s crazy!! (And great). We really want this little one to come join us today, yet, if that really were an option, I would not be down. I still need to mentally prepare and of course, we haven’t bought anything yet or moved into our new apartment. With the holidays coming up, I’m sure the 2nd half of this pregnancy will fly by compared to the 1st half of it. Anyway, here’s the belly progression.

*P.S. Josh and I also thought it would be good to clarify that we ARE NOT NAMING OUR CHILD KLONT. In the Tucker family, when someone is pregnant, we come up with a fake/funny name (Renaldo, Charlotte, etc) this time, when we asked my niece who was 3 1/2 what the baby should be named, without skipping a beat, she replied, “Klont”. So, Klont it is. This will not be the real name. We mentioned this the first time we announced our pregnancy, so, for those who missed that post…there you have it.

8 1/2 Weeks (I love that I used to think THIS was “showing”)

13 1/2 Weeks

16 1/2 Weeks

19 1/2 Weeks

I think I read that the baby has doubled in size over the past few weeks…which explains the fatness. Just kidding. It’s fun and I’m enjoying the baby bump.


9 thoughts on “Growing

  1. oh my word! you are so cute! i love how you’ve popped out! that’s great, lizzy. we are thrilled for you guys. and we’re offended that klont won’t be the real name. đŸ˜¦

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