Who Are You Voting For?

Is it taboo to ask that? Well, if you don’t think it is then let me know. I’m curious. Josh and I have been VERY confused as to who to vote for but I think (THINK) we’ve made up our minds. I’d like to hear from you!!


23 thoughts on “Who Are You Voting For?

  1. good, juicy question! i think i’m too scared to answer.. but i will say i’m probably voting, for the first time, someone NOT a part of my political party.. but i haven’t totally decided yet.I’m indecisive like that.

  2. I have no problem sharing. I’m voting for Obama! I understand for a number of different reasons, it can be a very tough decision this year for people. Just stay true to your heart. No candidate is perfect. No candidate embodies all of my ideals. But all we can do is put some one in office that we hope inspires Americans to become better than we think we can be and always keep trying. That’s the sense I truly get from Obama.I don’t know if you have met my dad, Phil. But in our many, many political conversations this year, he loves to remind me that what we do individually will impact our lives much more than what any politician does or promises to do for us. Good luck with your decision!

  3. Our new church just did an amazing series on politics, I was really scared to see what they were going to say… mostly because I grew up in a church that liked to dump republican crap on everyone… not that republicans are bad but I like to be empowered to think for myself. Our church did a great job of talking about the right side and the left side from a biblical perspective, we talked about the bad stuff and the good stuff of each party and each candidate. The pastor then let us go and think for ourselves, and he never even made a hint of who he was going to vote for. All that to say I feel that Obama will make an amazing president and I think in many ways represents Christ’s heart better than McCain. Now I don’t think Obama is the savior of the world, and I am glad for that, but I think he is the better choice. I could go on and on… but I won’t. 🙂

  4. Well, thank you to those who answered. (And even to those who didn’t….it’s cool b/c I wasn’t sure how kosher of a question that was to ask). Now it’s our turn. Josh and I are both pretty sure we’ll be voting for Obama. This is very weird for us b/c we both grew up in pretty conservative households who I think always voted Republican. But we just feel like Obama’s policies sound better as a whole. A big hold up I’ve had with him is his stance on abortion…but I also don’t believe you should choose a president based solely on whether or not they are pro-life. Anyway, I could go on and on but that’s it for now. Good luck to you all on November 4th! Thanks for your interaction.

  5. I find it amusing that people take what the candidate’s say as what they are actually going to do. It seems like people should look at the history and experience (or lack of) to make a choice. I was surprised to find what both guys have voted for in the past.Bryan

  6. im sorry but i do not feel like you can be a christian and vote for Obama. He believes and is for everything against the Bible and Jesus Christ. He is Muslim!!!! If he is elected President, the Lord is coming back in the next 4 years, I am convinced of that.

  7. Dear anonymous,I hope you’re kidding. I think it’s been made clear from the beginning that Obama is not a Muslim. Have you done any research on the topic? Well, if you’re right and if Jesus does come back in 4 years (where are you getting this information from?) then, praise the Lord!!! I’d love it if He came back today. And I’m sorry but the salvation the Jesus of the Bible gives is not based on who you vote for in the dumb 2008 United States of America Presidential Election. I really hope this is a joke =)

  8. Ditto what Bryan said.Personally, I like McCain, and probably because I’m military (along with other issues). The decision about war effects my life personally. With Rande returning to Iraq for the second time, I trust McCain will do what is right and not just popular with the “american people”. Good question Liz!And as for “anonymous”. Obama isn’t muslim, do your research.

  9. Obama believes it is a mother’s right to kill her child.He believes if a child is born alive after a botched abortion, it should be left to die in order to honor the mother’s choice. The problem with this idea is that it lends itself to euthenasia, especially when govenrment run health care is in place. There will not be enough money to go around and there are going to be lots of old people who will not get the care they could have if the underlying principal of our leader is that life is not sacred. This is a slippery slope.He went to a church for 20 years that taught hate and said he never heard those messages. He is married to a woman who has never been proud of America until recently. He is the most liberal senator our country has ever had. His affiliation with Acorn is very serious as they are falsely registering voters all over this country and he doesn’t denounce any of this. “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character”.He believes in the socialist idea of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Jesus told us to give from our hearts, as cheerful givers which is always, throughout time more effective. Socialism assumes that man is good and will work hard even if he doesn’t get the reward of his labors. It doesn’t work because we are not good. I’m not excited about McCain, but I can’t endorse this man. My vote for McCain is a vote against Obama.

  10. I am voting for McCain. His beliefs are mostly in line with mine and I just can’t, with a clear conscience, vote for a man that supports the killing of innocent babies. I know that if McCain becomes president abortions aren’t suddenly going to stop happening, but I can’t vote for someone that will not do everything in his power to try and stop such a horrific human act, but instead will do everything in his power to further the pro-choice movement, the very day he is signed into office. Don’t believe me? Hear it straight from Obama here…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf0XIRZSTt8. I don’t care what he says about “reducing abortions” look at his record.There are many other issues to consider, but I personally believe that the issue of murdering innocent HUMANS is one of the most important, if not the most important. We are accountable to God and God only for our actions on this earth. “Do this so that innocent blood will not be shed in your land, which the LORD your God is giving you as your inheritance, and so that you will not be guilty of bloodshed.” Deuteronomy 19:10I encourage any of you that are having a hard time with this issue, to read Randy Alcorn’s blog..here is a little taste of what he writes..I believe he has very sound thoughts on the matter. “Let me remind you that when I first heard him speak I wanted to vote for Obama. I have no hatred or disdain for him. I think he’s likable, sharp, and has some good ideas. What I am feeling is profound sadness that he would sacrifice children on the altar of choice. And, yes, I admit to being grieved that many Christians are following him, as if the legalized killing of children created in God’s image were just one more secondary political issue (some issues, including slavery and Jew-killing and child-killing, are bigger than that). I totally understand disenchantment with the Republican party; what I don’t understand is why innocent children deserve to be punished by your vote.”randyalcorn.blogspot.com

  11. to “anonymous” (the first one, anyway): Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim. Your sweeping generalizations aren’t helpful. You CAN be a Christian and vote for Obama, because November 4 many devoted Christians WILL.I think Faith’s right, you need to follow your conscience with your vote.. but that doesn’t mean one candidate is “the Christian vote”.. in my opinion. I think dialogue about this is so useful and important, and it helps inform my decision for sure. I’m not compelled to listen to someone who’s throwing out insults though.

  12. You’ve opened a can of worms with this one!I feel I need to cast my vote, and I’m voting for John McCain–no surprise to the people I love. And I am voting my conscience. I’m with Faith on this. I just can’t do it any other way. The only other option is to withhold my vote. I think it’s a heart issue. Obama’s stance on many, if not all moral issues, says a lot about who he is as a person. It’s a trickle down and will affect many things we as Christians should hold dear.Giving my two cents worth.Mom

  13. Hi Liz,Before I say who I am voting for I would like to state that God is on His throne and HE has appointed our next leader already. I think in times like this we forget that we are 1st citizens of Heaven and 2nd we are citizens of the United States. okay with that being said. I am voting for Mccain, The fact that Obama wants my children to be taught sex education and molestation education starting in kindergarten along with the fact that YES FOR SURE he is the only person in the senate that voted to kill a baby even after an abortion went wrong. That is not a womens issue. that is a murder issue. I will send anyone the exact article if they would like it. And there is a lot about him being raised a muslim, did you guys read his book? There are grave repercussions for denying that faith and he seems pretty safe to me, so I am led to believe he is not completely unaffiliated with those beliefs. And yes I have done a TON of real research not “fox news” research. I personally could not fill in a circle on my ballot for someone with blatent lack of concern of the character of those around him. I am honestly saddened that we have become so desensitized as a nation to the dangers around us. Two more things and I will shut up.1. look up Marxism. That is what this nation is signing up for.2.My own husband grew up in a communist country, He smells a familiar scent lurking.I love everyone that commented on this blog. I just gave my opinion to be honest. not one of our votes makes a difference in reality because we are in Oregon and California and Washington. But it is very important I believe to have these discussions.And no I do not dislike Obama either. I dont think our Country will fall apart if he is elected and I will respect either man who leads our nation.

  14. I am a mother and from the very moment I found out I was pregnant to feeling my son jump in my womb to when they placed him in my arms, I was in love! The joy a child brings is beyond compare. To see my son grow and be able to experience life is the greatest gift. I have loved children my whole life but having your own brings a whole new level of protection and saddness for the little lives that will be taken way before they get a chance at life outside the womb. I understand that your little bundle of joy will not enter the world until after the election. From a mother’s heart, just know that if you have even a small problem with the fact that a candidate is ok killing unborn babies, it will only be ten times stronger once your baby looks at you with his/her big beautiful eyes. The family structure is the back bone of our nation and if that fails, then our nation crumbles.

  15. Okay, crazy…this morning I read this blog. I thought about it all day, considered what I’d want to say, etc. After reading the first few posts, I knew I’d be one of the first (maybe last?) to admit I was voting for McCain and that certainly isn’t the “cool” thing to do these days. I was actually really excited about the possibility of voting for Obama when I first heard about him. He had some great ideas and just seemed like a good guy. But once I really looked into things I knew I couldn’t vote for him, and I was kinda bummed. Anyway, so I happened upon Randy Alcorn’s blog today and his words reflected EXACTLY what I was thinking. I even copied and pasted a paragraph so I could post it in here. I thought, oh good, Randy said it better than I ever could, so I’ll just say that. Well then I just logged in here and found that my sister Faith had said EXACTLY what I was going to say and even posted the exact same comment from Randy!! How crazy is that? -Sarah

  16. We are voting for McCain, there was never really a question in our minds about it. I haven’t trusted Obama from the moment he hit the scene, I feel like he is not who he says he is. And I realize that all politicians promise things that they can never accomplish within 4 or 8 years, but I feel like he has displayed some anti-american behaviors that are a little scary and I do feel like some of the people he has chosen to associate with over the years proves that there is a darker side to him. And I’m worried that his lack of experience would end up hurting our country.And in McCain’s favor, he’s been in government long enough and served our country in such sacrificial ways, there is no question that he loves America and wants to be president because he loves America, not because he is power-hungry. He is definitely not perfect in any way, but I feel like he is more honest, forth-coming, and trustworthy than Obama.

  17. By the way, congratulations on being preggo!!! I’m so excited for you guys! We just had a little boy a couple of months ago and its absolutely the greatest thing. Get some sleep while you still can!! 🙂

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