The BFs

On Friday night our bestest friends, Tim and Brittany came up for a short visit. Brittany is running in the San Francisco Nike Marathon AS I TYPE THIS. She is pretty amazing. As I sit, fat and pregnant, drinking coffee (and no, it’s not decaf) she is RUNNING 26.2 miles through San Francisco! And it’s crazy b/c from our doorstep in Mill Valley to our church’s parking lot in Pacifica (a drive that typically takes us an hour) is almost precisely 26 miles!!! As I drove this distance yesterday, I was freaking out thinking that she was pretty much going to run from our apt to our church today. Wow. I give props to anyone who can run long-distance. But at least I can boast that Brittany, a marathon runner, used to be my running partner in college. JK. Anyway, I am very proud of her.

They came on Friday evening, I made dinner for us all, we chatted, and then went down to Woody’s Frozen Yogurt for a pre-marathon treat. Came back and played Sequence…the boys won. Slept in on Saturday, had our classic breakfast that we always have together…chocolate chip pancakes with p.b. and syrup, (fruit and eggs). And hung out for a little before they left to go register in the city and we had to get stuff together for church. It was short but sweet.

Josh and Tim really like each other…


Klont wanted a bite

Haha, deep in conversation


4 thoughts on “The BFs

  1. oh fun. good friends. good times. good food. wow, i’m a dork. glad you got to see them though and glad klont got his first ice cream treat:) love you guys

  2. I’m glad you guys were able to see your friends. Way to go Brittney! There’s no way I could run that long of a distance.I hope Klont enjoyed his/her ice cream, what flavor?

  3. Liz, Melissa Chapman and I were just discussing how we think you are one of the best bloggers out there. Seriously, I’m never disappointed when I come to your page!Hope you’re doing well!Miss you guysCarly

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