On a Lighter Note…

Well, thank you to all who have interacted with our blog over the past few days. I had no idea my nonchalant question, “So, who are you voting for?” Was gonna lead to this. I guess I’m ignorant. But it was good. It has encouraged Josh and I to think a lot, talk a lot, and pray alot about the question(s) at hand. But in all honesty…it exhausted me a little. There were a lot of people’s comments that I wanted to comment back on or even just say, “Hey, thanks for interacting” b/c a lot of you had good thoughts and a lot of you I had no idea would be reading our blog. Anyway, I am excited to get back to my mindless, meaningless blog-style of posting pictures and dumb stories…and I hope that I will still have some friends left who will read it.



8 thoughts on “On a Lighter Note…

  1. Liz, I seriously hope your joking about less people reading your blog. Something political is just an easy tool for Satan to tear people apart. You and Josh and Klont are loved by many. Keep bloggin girl, were here readin.<3, Tiff

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