Moving….(across campus)

Josh and I have been married for a little over 2 years and we are just about to move into our 3rd apartment. Since we’re prego, we have to move from married with no children to married with children housing and we’re really excited! We have loved our little 500 sq. ft. 1959 woodsy apartment and we’ve really made it our little home, but across campus, in the married with children housing, they know how to live! Yes, they were still made in 1959 but these babies have been renovated. The fridges and stove tops are full-size (not mini-size like the ones we have presently), there is new carpet. What’s carpet? We didn’t even have carpet when we moved into our present egg-carton. It has two bedrooms, way more cupboard space and there is actually room on the counter to make a sandwich. If you haven’t seen our kitchen now, you will know that this is a huge deal.

Yesterday, we got to go look at 3 apartments…I felt like I was on that HGTV show, House Hunters. We are going with the last one. The view is pretty, we have a somewhat private “patio area” (cement slab) in the front and it’s the closest to our line of friends. We’re really excited!! We’re not moving until December or January but I think we’ll be going in soon to paint. Pictures to come! Oh, and to those of you who live in houses and nice apartments…you will think both apartments are ghetto but for seminary housing, we’re movin up!


8 thoughts on “Moving….(across campus)

  1. Yeah! I’m happy for you guys. Be sure to make room for the Hendersons, we’ll come visit ya! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :).I can’t wait to see pics!

  2. You are so cute Liz. I am so happy for you guys. Hopefully some day I can come and see your beautiful seminary apartment. I bet you guys will make it look so cute and beautiful. Can’t wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving.Love Always,Christie

  3. How cool that you get to pick! I’ve seen both housing apartments, the w/ child ones are definitely bigger. After aaaaallll of your family leaves when Klont arrives it will be great to be close to other moms! It is the biggest plus for me about living on campus.

  4. It's great you are getting a "bigger" place! We know the area well! Actually so does Josh but he was only 0-2 years old so his memory may be a little foggy:) I remember them being extremely spacious and luxurious with a 3×3 kitchen (we had to keep the oven closed by using a yard stick from the stove door to the frige), fabulous tile flooring, lots of closet space….well that's how I remember it but it was 25 years ago! I'm glad they finally updated them!!Love,Mom & Dad H

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