Mystery Night

Last night we tagged along with a nearby church for a youth event called “Mystery Night”. When you’re in youth ministry, you win some and you lose some. I would categorize last night as a loss.

I guess we didn’t advertise well b/c only 6 of our students showed up (which is fine cause the other church had like 40) We had been told we would be back at the church around 9pm….well, once we got there, we found out it was gonna be more like 10pm. 2 of our 6 students had to go home at this point b/c it was a school night and their parents didn’t want them out that late. Big bummer. And the church we met at was about 20 minutes away from their houses. One mom got home and then had to turn around and come right back. (Yeah, we felt horrible).

We arrived at 6:30pm but b/c the bus driver couldn’t get his life together, we didn’t leave until 7:40pm. We drove 45 minutes to the “Mystery Spot” which was this huge corn maze. Once we were there, we had lots of fun. And to spice things up a bit, there was a freakshow man (as I called him) who hung out in the dark corn maze and would scare people!!! Oh my gosh!!! He was probably 6’5” and was wearing a long black cape and a white clown mask. Um yeah, terrifying. He made me scream a good 4 times. This made all the boys laugh. I even got to witness Josh scream/shout for the first time ever when freakshow man hid around a corner and scared him. It was awesome. So, that was fun.

Chris is a hard core maze expert. Everything is pitch black (when people aren’t taking pictures or have flashlights) it’s lots of fun.

My pea coat was nice and tight in the stomach area

Kyle and the pumpkins

Our bus ride back was by far the worst bus ride I have ever experienced in my life. There was a kid from the other church who sat with us in the back. He had his phone/ipod playing “Show me the meaning of being lonely” by the Backstreet boys and he sang outloud along with it 4 times in a row. He then made fake phone calls to his girlfriend Cathy and his friend from school, Chris. He was very loud and very obnoxious…his voice carried over the entire bus. It was actually really sad and I felt bad for him and wished I would have interupted his make-believe phone call and talked to him. Anyway, we all had headaches from the loud singing, and laughing with his phone friends. We got back to the church at 10:20pm and drove 45 minutes home. All in all, the corn maze was a lot of fun and we think the students had fun but it was a longgggg night.


3 thoughts on “Mystery Night

  1. You are a much braver woman than I am!! That stuff freaks me out! 🙂 Sorry more youth didn’t get to go, You guys are doing a great job with them!Love,Mom H

  2. I am glade Liz that you and my brother got married because one we love you but two you fit right into our family perfectly. I am so glade that you got that guy to make Josh scream or something. I would of loved to see that. Love you guys. Can’t wait to see you guys soon.Love Always,Christie

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