The Weekend

We had a busy but really good weekend in Pacifica. Friday night was a Halloween party with our youth group and young adult group at church. Everyone came dressed up and we played a lot of fun games. I’m not so sure if Klont had fun, though. After stuffing a cupcake down my throat in a contest, running around in a circle for 3 minutes straight, then having to eat nasty sugary marshmallow candies in another game, on top of all the junk I had already had that night….I felt pretty nasty. I don’t think Klont is a big fan of sugar, which is fine by me. We had lots of fun and everyone liked our costumes…do you know who we were?

John, the leper (which I thought was really clever and original)

Chris the In-N-Out worker

Angel (Cinderella), Lauren (Greek princess), Anna (witch)

Anna, Sarah (pirate), Elizabeth (gray M&M)

Leif (scary creature), Ross (gorilla), Harley (Banana), Stevie (pumkin), Mez (scary creature)

The adorable cupcakes that Sarah made

Who are we?

We’re going to mess with this so it looks just like the cover…will post later if we do

Josh and Kyle (Mash Dr. Guy)

Playing games

Today I went to a shower for Shannon and Carsyn. It was lots of fun and there were soooo many girls there! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people in a Seminary apartment. At one point I counted and there were 20 girls and NINE babies!! It was crazy. There were probably a total of 30 girls who filtered in and out, 11 or 12 babies and 3 pregos. If you want to have a kid, come to seminary….it’s always breeding season here. It was lots of fun though and I really love the community we’re able to have here.

Shannon and baby Carsyn

Miss Sadie


11 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. Guys I love your Halloween outfits this year. Josh love the outfit bud. Liz I am lovin’ your pregnant belly more and more.Christie

  2. Mamacita,We’re Juno and Bleaker from the movie “Juno”. You need to get out more. Haha, jk. (don’t worry, some of my friends didn’t know who that was)

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