lately, been thinkin bout you baby

The coolest thing by far about being pregnant is feeling the baby kick. Every time it kicks I get excited as if it were the first time I ever felt it. It’s one of those things that never gets old…well, maybe it will get old when I’m huge and 9 months pregnant and it’s up in my ribs but for now it’s a little 11 inch, almost one pound baby that says hi to me numerous times throughout the day. And it’s getting strong enough to where I can watch my stomach and see it bounce up in spots when the baby is kicking. It is such a miracle how God designed it all. As women, we get to have another soul live inside of us for 40 weeks. He could have done it so many other ways. It’s pretty amazing. Anyway…that’s all.


5 thoughts on “lately, been thinkin bout you baby

  1. You said it well. It’s amazing and a miracle, and don’t you feel privileged beyond belief to be carrying life inside you?LoveMom

  2. I LOVE that part of being pregnant. It is truly amazing. Can’t wait to feel Klont kicking you:) Just wait until Klont is a little bigger and he/she rolls around..that is a crazy feeling. One time I watched, I think Peyton, literally roll around..I could see her body move from one side to the was so cool (and a bit weird) it is so fun.

  3. I absolutely miss being pregnant. That was one of my favorite parts too. I remember laying in bed watching my belly move from one side to another. It was a wiered feeling, but very cool. IT IS such a miracle and just one more thing God does that is AMAZING! How lucky and blessed us women are to be chosen to carry our little ones inside of us, as they grow!

  4. I totally agree! Every time my little guy kicks or starts squirming around I just want to stop what I’m doing and enjoy it! Last night this baby was really going crazy in there, my belly looked like waves crashing from side to side- it was changing shapes so fast…Joe was kind of freaking out! Get ready, because in a couple of weeks your baby will probably be doing it too 😉

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