Invigorating Blog Post….Look at all these Deep Thoughts I Have About Life

I have one pair of jeans that still fit me comfortably. They are my American Eagle stretch jeans. Praise the Lord for stretch jeans. They are so comfortable and I am such a loser b/c they’re the only jeans I ever wear these days…and sadly, I think I’ve stretched them out to where I won’t be able to wear them after the pregnancy…but that’s ok, I probably need to move on anyway.

But I’ve had a really hard time finding maternity jeans. They are all nasty. Target’s are sick on me and I was really frustrated at Motherhood Maternity b/c they have sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Are you serious? So, you’re telling me that a 5’1’’ Korean woman who normally wears “small” is going to fit into the same pair of jeans that a 5’9” German woman who is also usually a “small” would??? (do you like my ethnic stereo-types?) Anyway, they were all high-waters on me and they’re all awkwardly huge in the booty and thigh area. I know that those areas will be growing soon but why do they assume that all women turn into pears when they’re pregnant? So, I’m in that awkward stage where I don’t fit into normal jeans but I also don’t fit into maternity jeans.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good maternity jeans? My friend Shannon told me Gap Long and Leans are the way to go (which I agree should work and I’m going to go check that out). Any other ideas?

No one looks this good in maternity jeans. I bet that model is really a mannequin and because they didn’t need her yet for the Holidays, they let her do this photo shoot for Gap. I bet her name is Tina, primarily being displayed at JC Penny’s and Macy’s.


11 thoughts on “Invigorating Blog Post….Look at all these Deep Thoughts I Have About Life

  1. lizzy ! check out the bella band…i wore one with my regular shorts/pants almost the whole way through my pregnancy! they are awesome!

  2. I HATE maternity jeans with everything in me. At the end of my pregnancy I craved normal jeans more than any food. I don’t have any good ideas for you. Have you tried Old Navy? I would check out that bella band like kim said, I had lots of friends that swore by them!!

  3. My favorite pair of jeans was from Gap. I totally got lucky and found them at an outlet, but they were super cute and totally maternity. My butt got huge but it still looked good in these jeans… ok maybe it was just huge… anyway you may have to order them online but you can always return them to the store. Good Luck!

  4. Go with the Gap…they are the best fitting ones for your body type. I have a pair that I can’t wear anymore…wish you lived closer! Good luck!

  5. Don’t worry Liz just remember that your sister in-law can hook you up because I work at Gap. Remember that if you want I will take you when you guys come for Thanksgiving. Love you guys and can’t what to see you.Love Always,Christie

  6. I disliked maternity jeans with a passion! The only pair that I loved were the ones I bought at motherhood maternity. They were long enough and no panel up front….ick! But i too have heard about bella band from a lot of women around here. Good luck!

  7. Hi Liz and Josh,This is Kerry Wilson. Congrats on your little one! I have to say that I found a decent pair of preggo pants at kohls. They have pretty decent maternity stuff all around, I thought. the only thing is you will have to figure out what kind of waistband you think is comfortable and one style might feel great now, but when you are nine months it might be different, so don’t stock up too much.

  8. I am so sorry, Liz! I know the feeling! Hopefully the belly band will work for you because you still look cute as ever in you ‘stretchy’ jeans! I never found any maternity pants that were cute, I got some at Target and Old Navy, both smalls and they were bagging on my bottom (yes my bottom). Well at least until the end…we will not talk about that.

  9. Definitly Gap was the best…although at the end of my second pregnancy I had a meltdown and felt so ugly my mom-in law bought me some designer jeans…so I would say 7’s are the VERY best…but let’s be takes a heck of a pity party to earn yourself a pair of those 🙂 I also used the Bella band and loved it! It was also great afterwards while you are working your way back into your jeans!

  10. I’m glad i’m not the only one struggling with this problem! I have two pairs of maternity jeans, one I bought from ann taylor loft for $9 and the other given to me by my mom (target yuck). I dislike both of them so i’m glad to go and try gap’s. Also I have a bella band and it’s awesome! Hope you are well, post more prego picts!!

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