Two Weeks from Today

I am going to post later b/c Josh and I finally had a Klont photoshoot last night. But for now, I just wanted to express how tremendously excited I am for Thanksgiving!! I have been so excited for the holidays but Thanksgiving has come up on me fast and I love it.

In less than 2 weeks we fly to Denver to spend 5 days with Josh’s family. I really like Colorado. I have only been there once and it is Rado. (haha, aren’t I a dork?) Anyway, it’s beautiful and alive and thriving and I just liked it a lot. Josh’s parents used to live in Montana, so, they know how to pick cool/beautiful places to live. I am so excited to see the family and hang out and watch movies and catch up and play games.

I’m also really excited about the food. It’s kind of sad how we have a holiday that used to be about giving thanks and is now about food, so, in my mind, it’s a really good holiday to be thankful for good food. Just kidding. But there’s nothing wrong with enjoying food…and that I will do come November 27th.

Since my stomach is being squished up underneath my left rib cage with the ever-expanding uterus, I get full pretty fast. So, I am committed to spending 4 hours at the dinner table. Eat some, let it digest, eat some more =) Jk. Anyway, my favorite Thanksgiving foods are: mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato casserole (the kind that’s like 3,000 calories per tablespoon) and pumpkin pie. Yeah, I like food. What are yours?

(I couldn’t find an appealing picture of sweet potato casserole =))


7 thoughts on “Two Weeks from Today

  1. my favorite part is LOTS of mashed potatoes with LOTS of turkey next door and LOTS of gravy over both! yum. I also like green bean casserole. Taking notes mom?? heheHave fun being prego at Thanksgiving. I was a little over 1 week from my due date when I was prego with Peyton..I got full fast!

  2. oh my goodness pumpkin PIE!! too bad we will just be here and wont be having any pumpkin pie… unless i make it or something.

  3. you are right! CO is Rado! 🙂 i hope you guys have a blast! 😀 enjoy that thanksgiving yummyness! 🙂 love you guys! 🙂

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