Almost 24 Weeks

I think that this whole 40 weeks pregnant thing is annoying. It’s always bothered me when women are pregnant and you ask them how far along they are and they say, “21 weeks and 3 days” Cool. Now I have to sit here and figure out how many months that is. But now I know how that feels b/c the whole thing is just confusing. You’re really pregnant for more like 10 months so, why does everyone say “9 Months”? Also, if you’re going by weeks (7 days) then each month (4 weeks) would only be 28 days, but no months except February are only 28 days. It’s weird. So, all that to say, here are the latest pictures of me in my SIXTH MONTH of pregnancy.


11 thoughts on “Almost 24 Weeks

  1. you are adorable and still so teeny everywhere…you look great. Wow. You are definitely not gaining weight anywhere but in that cute belly! It’s still so unreal seeing my baby sis prego! I love it

  2. Very cute, Liz! funny I just posted a pregnancy update on my blog too! I know what you mean about the months…still haven’t figured out exactly what to tell people :PHey- see you tonight…can’t wait for CAMPING!

  3. Silly – like you said months are not 4 weeks (28 days), they are 2-3days longer! So a month is actualy almost 4.5 weeks (not just 4 weeks) SO 9 months is closer to 40 weeks then 10 months is. That’s why we say 9 months! :)Anyways enough showing you how smart I am…no more bare belly shots, huh?

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