Klont’s First Camping Trip

On Friday night we went camping with our apartment complex…Tichenor Village…the apartments we will soon be moving out of. It was great timing for us to hang out with all the cool people who live there and Josh and I actually had the night free so, we were able to go. We didn’t get there until 5pm (it was already dark with all the trees) set up our tent, and then sat around the fire, ate burgers and hotdogs, had s’mores, talked, chased some very ambitious raccoons away from our food, and had a really good time. We had to leave at 8:30 the next morning. So, it was short but lots of fun and we’re so glad we were able to go. I didn’t get many good pictures b/c it was dark the whole time we were there!

Tana, Pam, Leah and Jon

Josh talking to Jody and Emily

The little Howeth Fam

Hangin around the fire

Tana, Brooke and Melissa


2 thoughts on “Klont’s First Camping Trip

  1. That will probably be the last time camping is so simple… oh just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait!Ok and I sorta remember the thing at Alex’s house… I’m sure I thought I was cool then but now when I think about it the boy was really young, and at that age probably in love with his mom… so I probably looked the most mom-ish … kinda sad actually 😉

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