Dates and Vagabonds

Josh and I don’t really go on “dates” anymore. On Friday nights we either hang out with friends or we’re so tired that we just watch a movie or something. But this Friday we drove up north with the excuse that we had an Olive Garden gift certificate from our sweet and thoughtful sis, Christie. (There are not any nearby Olive Gardens b/c this is Marin: anti-chain/franchise/commercial county). We also needed to do some Christmas shopping, so, we shopped and then we went to a late (9:15) dinner. We were going to make Starbucks carmel apple spice drinks and watch a Christmas movie when we got home but it was already 11, so, we decided to get some sleep, wake up early for a Saturday and watch the movie over breakfast. So, Saturday morning we had pancakes and eggs and watched “The Family Stone”. I think this might be one of my favorite movies…which is really weird. But it always puts me in a good, thoughtful mood while also making me really excited about the holidays and think about the important things in life. It was a good date.

We leave for Colorado tomorrow afternoon and I cannot wait!! It couldn’t come sooner. I think Josh and I should quit our jobs and just go visit people all the time and travel to new places.


3 thoughts on “Dates and Vagabonds

  1. Sounds like a fun date! I just watched The Family Stone yesterday..I love love love that movie! Have a great time in Colorado with the family!!

  2. that is sooooo cute!!!!!!!!! :Di don’t know if you know this but i will be seeing you in a couple of days 🙂 can’t wait to see you three 😀 haha 😀 have a safe trip!Amy 🙂

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