The Mile High City

We got back from Colorado on Sunday night. We had a great time!

The bulk of our vacation was spent resting, eating, sleeping, playing games, watching football, watching movies, eating, a little shopping…and, did I mention eating?

It was great to just all be together and have no where to go and nothing we needed to do. It forced us to relax.

We even got some snow, which was a pleasant surprise. At a couple points on Sunday, we thought that it might effect/delay our flight but it didn’t. It’s so funny to be from Oregon (where people freak out when it snows) to living in California (where people have never seen snow) to visiting Colorado (where it’s a way of life). For example, Josh’s parents don’t have snow tires or all-wheel drive on their car, but that didn’t stop us from driving 45 minutes to church in it without a thought. In Oregon, no one would go out and if they did, they would bust out their subarus and snow tires with chains attached. (It IS different in Oregon though b/c there’s always the fear of black ice which is really dangerous and I’m a total wuss in the snow, myself). Just had to disclaim that.

*For those of you who don’t know. Shortly after Josh’s parents moved to Colorado in the summer of 07, their BRAND NEW house burnt down. The interior was done for but enough of the base survived that they pretty much re-built and re-did everything in the house. Last Christmas we stayed together in the apartment they were living in. This year we got to stay in the house. It’s beautiful and it was such a blessing to see how much God has provided.

Well, enough words, here are some pictures:

Craft time! Painting ornaments for Debbie whose ornaments all burnt in the fire

Watching the Macy’s Day Parade!

Thanksgiving dinner! Two of Dave’s three brothers (Bill and John and families) were able to make it. They haven’t had a Thanksgiving together in 30 years!

The ever-exciting kids’ table

The little Howeth fam (Klont feeling suffocated by all of the food his fat mom just ate)

Monopoly night!! Has anyone played the new electronic one? It’s crazy! But still lots of fun.

So cute

Ashlee loves her eggnog

Christian going down the slide at Trail Dust

Father and Son

Trail Dust – a really popular and tasty steakhouse we went to one night

Live Music

Right after it started snowing

Being a dork

Dave saluting the tree, or performing a colorguard dance, or topping the tree



Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


7 thoughts on “The Mile High City

  1. Great pics Elizabeth–especially the last one. I saw that he’s your “star” right away but took awhile to see the “earrings.”Love you and counting the days.Mom

  2. fun!! looks way better than our thanksgiving.. kidding! i liked how you two coordinated your blues for the big day.

  3. So many comments…1. Their house is BEAUTIFUL. I especially love the kitchen:)2. Christie’s hair is so cute..such a change from the last time I saw her. Sorry if I spelled her name wrong. 3. Ashlee and Christian are SO big!4. That is so cool about his family being together after so long. What a blessing!5. The food looks so yummy. Did I see ham?6. Your belly is too cute7. J’s parents are so cute in that pic!8. I love Josh’s earrings! Does he want me to make him a pair! Phew! So glad you had such a good time!

  4. it was so great to see you guys! 😀 thanks for giving me input about CBU 🙂 speaking of which… homework… ew… anyways 🙂 great pictures! 😀 i am glad you guys had a blast! hope to see you guys again soon! 😀

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